Medical Cannabis Europe

28 & 29 September 2023

ANF – Associação Nacional das Farmácias | Lisbon, Portugal

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In the past few years, the medical cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth with the legalization to sell and consume medicinal cannabis products, in several countries in Europe. The increasing demand for these products and the profit margins associated, led several investors to invest in the medicinal cannabis market. According to several analysts, this market size has the potential to reach 3.2 billion euros by the end of 2025.

In this context, the medical cannabis industry, as well as all involved stakeholders are facing the main challenge of interpretation and be compliance with EU-GACP and EU-GMP regulations to be able to place cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes on the market demonstrating consistency, quality, efficacy and patient safety.

These are the mandatory assumptions for health authorities and patients’ confidence in the medical cannabis industry, which will lead to the development of this market in Portugal.


The Medical Cannabis Europe Conference was specially developed to debate and clarify doubts regarding the applicable regulations to the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes in Portugal and Europe. This conference will feature international and local experts on medical cannabis that will provide insights into the European market and address aspects such as applicable regulations and expectations of the authority in licensing inspections.


Dia 28


09h00 | 9h30
Opening Session
09h30 | 10h15

What’s New: Cannabis market in Europe and Portugal – past, present and future

10h15 | 11h00

Cannabis cultivation – current trends

11h00 | 11h30

Coffee Break

11h30 | 11h50

Major milestones in the history of Cannabis

12h00 | 13h00

From product development to market

13h00 | 14h30

Lunch Break

14h30 | 15h15

Market trends on cannabis products

15h15 | 16h00

Therapeutical evidence and potencial applications

16h00 | 16h30

Coffee Break

16h30 | 18h00

The Q Roles in Cannabis Industry | Round table

18h00 | 18h15
Closing session 1st day
18h15 | 19h30

Wine & Cheese moment with the announcement of the Best Scientific Poster

The conference will be fully in English language.

day 29


08h55 | 9h00

Opening Session

08h55 | 9h00

Inspection & Product Registration trends

10h45 | 11h15

Coffee Break

11h15 | 12h00

Qualification & Validation – current expectations

12h00 | 13h15

Transport and Import/Export requirements

13h15 | 14h00

Lunch Break

14h00 | 15h15

Business sustainability in the Cannabis Market

15h15 | 16h00

Compliance challenges in software systems

16h00 | 16h15

Closing session

Live Event


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550€ + IVA (2 dias)
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730€ + IVA (2 dias)

Daily Ticket

490€ + IVA (1dia)


Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Wine & Cheese Moment and a visit to the Pharmacy Museum.


The conference is orientated to all entities involved in the medical cannabis industry, from:

Investors, growers, holders of pharmaceutical manufacture licenses, manufacturers, suppliers, importers / exporters, technical directors and quality technicians and ever health authority inspectors.