Aldo Vidinha

Aldo Vidinha

CEO of Stepwise Chemical Engineer  Medicinal Cannabis Expert

Internationally experienced leader with over 12 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industry in areas such as Engineering, Validation & Qualification, GMP Compliance, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing.

Co-founder and former COO of Holigen, a Portuguese GMP Medicinal Cannabis licensed producer.

Project lead for CapEx projects up to € 18 million in major international pharmaceutical players.

Expert in Medicinal Cannabis industry, being the only Portuguese expert that has led and delivered a fully licensed Medicinal Cannabis company and facilities.

Ana Brízio

Ana Brízio 

Quality Control Manager and Qualified Person at LEF

Ana Brízio is a Pharmacist graduated in  Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lisbon University. She has more than 15 years experience in Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Industry. 

She started her professional experience has microbiology supervisor and since 2012 she is Quality Control Manager in LEF – Infosaúde. Nowadays and since 2020 she is also Qualified Person of LEF – Infosaúde performing certification/release of batches.

Additionally she collaborates in Pharmaceutical Industry Master of CESIF has a teacher in several GMP training modules.

Eduardo Nogueira

Eduardo Nogueira Pinto

Partner and head of the Healthcare, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals practice at PLMJ | Lawyer

Eduardo is the partner who heads the Healthcare, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals practice. He has 20 years’ experience in advising Portuguese and foreign companies, and he has worked on many projects in the areas of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

 Eduardo focuses on regulatory matters, licensing, compliance, advertising, prices and reimbursements, contracts and market access.

 He has a law degree from the Faculty of Law of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Fátima Carvalho

Fátima Godinho Carvalho

Technical Director and Executive Director at LEF | Pharmacist

Fátima Godinho Carvalho, Pharmacist and Qualified Person, with +20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry, mainly in QA and QC positions.

She has a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lisbon University and she’s a Pharmaceutical Industry Specialist acknowledged by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society. She also has a Management Postgraduation by Católica Lisbon & Economics School.

Previous work experience includes Microbiology laboratory Supervisor at MSD and Quality Control Manager at Iberfar , SA.

She has joined LEF- INFOSAÚDE in 2006 as Quality Assurance Manager. In 2014 assume the position of Qualified Person and since 2018 she is LEF’s Executive Director.

She is a IRCA Certified Quality Auditor, a Certified Trainer and a ECA Certified Quality Assurance Manager and has been involved in teaching activities in several masters and postgraduate courses in the scope of GXP requirements.

Graça Flores

Graça Flores

Head of Compliance at Cleaver Leaves | Chemical Engineer

Graça is a chemical engineer with +20 year of experience in the Pharma industry both in Quality management functions as well project management.

She has worked in Macau, Portugal and USA being involved in NCE (new chemical entities) projects as well as generic products, both on APIs and finished product. Worked in starting up of new facilities, from Equipment definition, qualification, process validation and setting up of the QMS and Facilities inspection.

She has joined Clever leaves in the end of 2019 to help the team setting up the new QMS and start up of new facilities for production of Medicinal Cannabis.

She is responsible for Compliance (QC &QA) and very enthusiastic to work in this new business and help the company in Industry in the implementation of Pharma requirements and contribute to provide safer cannabis products for the patients.

Hugo Barbosa

Hugo Barbosa

Technical Director and Quality Assurance at Rangel | Pharmacist

Hugo Barbosa has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon. He has a post-graduate degree in Oncology from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, and an Auditor course, performing the duties of coordinating auditor under the Quality System of Good Distribution Practices.

He started his professional activity in Community Pharmacy, at the Alta pharmacy in Lisbon. Later he worked as Assistant Pharmacist at the Reynaldo dos Santos’ Hospital in Vila Franca de Xira. His path in pharmaceutical distribution began in 2008, with the integration into the Rangel Group as an Assistant to the Technical and Operations Department.

He is currently the Technical Director and Quality Assurance Officer at Rangel Pharma, a position that manages the Quality System of Good Distribution Practices ensuring compliance with the regulatory and quality requirements associated with pharmaceutical products. It is also responsible for managing the processes for monitoring pharmaceutical legal compliance and licensing processes within the scope of the legislation applicable to the sector.

Lukas Roth

Lukas Röth

Co-Founder of CSCLife | Freelance Consultant

Co-Founder of Cologne based CSCLife, a Cologne based medical cannabis boutique consulting firm providing access to the EU market.

European young professional with an international mindset, well experienced in business development and sales strategies.

Working in legal cannabis markets for 5+ years, passionate and experienced in international cannabis genetics trading.

Participated in application processes for a licensed producer in Portugal and for a licensed distributor in Germany.

Pedro Lomba

Pedro Lomba

Partner and head of the Technology, Mobility and Communications at PLMJ | Professor | Lawyer

Pedro is a partner and head of the Technology, Mobility and Communications practice. With over 17 years’ professional experience as a lawyer, arbitrator and consultant, he specialises in regulatory law, information law, media and communications law, mobility law, consumer law and data protection. His clients include both public and private bodies.

Pedro is also an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. He earned a PhD in public law and communications law at the same faculty and he has a master’s in research  from the European University Institute.

Pedro was also an Deputy Secretary of State of the Minister of State and Regional Development in the 19th Constitutional Government (2013-2015), a Deputy Secretary of State and of Parliamentary Affairs in the 20th Constitutional Government (2015), and an adviser to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (2003).

Pedro has had enjoyed a high profile in the media since 2004 and is currently a member of RTP’s Public Opinion Council.

Tobias Viegner

Tobias Viegener

Co-Founder of CSCLife

Co-founder of CSCLife, a German medical cannabis boutique consulting firm providing access to the EU market.

Co-founder and former Managing Director of a German licensed medical cannabis distributor.

Passionate about complex corporate strategies and internalization processes.

Well-experienced in negotiation, global and especially digital marketing.

Sérgio Bagulho

Sérgio Bagulho

Security Manager

Sérgio Bagulho began his professional career as an Inspector of Criminal Investigation of the Portuguese Judiciary Police, a role he held for 14 years, and another 2 years at the Attorney General’s Office of the Portuguese Republic.

Between 2009 and 2012, he worked as Director of Security and Inspection at Groundforce, an Handling company.

From 2012 to 2017, he was General Manager Outstations for the Africa and America Stations at TAP Air Portugal. Sérgio Bagulho is currently Head of Security for the Operations, Cyber, Facilitation and Infrastructure areas, also in TAP Air Portugal.

He is a Security Manager and Trainer, accredited by the National Civil Aviation Authority and Director/Head of Security officially recognized by the Private Security Department of the Public Security Police. He has took part in various significant criminal investigations in Financial Economic Crime and Violent Crime. 

Besides that, he has also numerous relevant works/projects in the field of Security and Criminal investigations; TAPA certification consultant for Alliance Healthcare Portugal and Alloga/Logifarma and has developed diverse Security and Training programs for Civil Aviation.

Sérgio Bagulho has spoken at several conferences and seminars about Civil Aviation Security and Tourism, Transport/Logistics as well as Human Trafficking and Document Fraud.


Nuno Santos

Nuno Santos

Pharma Business Unit Manager at Stepwise Pharma & Engineering

Nuno Santos is Pharma Business Unit Manager at Stepwise Pharma & Engineering.

Chemist with a post-graduation in business administration has over of 15 years of experience in multinational chemical and pharmaceutical industries, from API development to drug product manufacturing.

Quality Assurance professional with vast experience in the shopfloor, production, auditing, inspection and in leading the approval of pharmaceutical units by national and international health authorities.

Project Manager for Drug Product activities with world’s top 5 Pharmaceutical player.

Experience in Medicinal Cannabis, API, oral and parenteral Drug Product industries.



Amit Edri

Co-Founder and CEO of Portocanna

Amit has over seven years of operational experience in the medicinal cannabis industry. In 2013 He founded a medical cannabis Vaporizers company, in 2016 He became the COO and Business development of a large-scale medical cannabis processer in Israel, and since 2018 He has been an independent consultant for several International medical cannabis companies, Consulting on business development, investment opportunities, and strategy. 

In 2019, Amit capitalized on his extensive experience in the industry and founded Portocanna with the vision to create the largest European symbiotic ecosystem of medical cannabis. From Portocanna’s pharmaceutical facility located in Portugal Portocanna specializes in the processing link of the value chain.


Vera Broder

CEO Portugal of Medicane Health Incorporated

Of Israeli-Lusa descent, Vera Broder Koshet’s sense of entrepreneurship runs in her veins, along with her concern for the well-being of the community.

She has lived in several countries, with a Master’s degree from Boston University taken in Israel, she began her career as EMEA Marketing Director at AT&T Israel, returning to Portugal in late 1998, focusing on the development of several businesses.

In addition to the advantages and benefits of using cannabinoid medicine, already widely known, developed, and applied in Israel, it enthusiastically embraced the challenge of extending it to Europe in general and Portugal in particular, despite the stigma that still rages on this continent.

Thus, in 2018 she founded the well-known MHI – MediCane Portugal belonging to the MediCane Health Inc. Group, a fully integrated private global pharmaceutical company that provides wide access to innovative and high-quality cannabis plant-based medicines and substances and preparations for patients around the world. With a strong biotechnological aspect, research forms an integral part of the pillars of Medicane through its extensive scientific advice.

Headquartered in Campo Maior, MediCane Portugal already has high-tech GACP and cGMP facilities necessary for the manufacture of medicines for human use and active substances based on the cannabis plant, also achieving the classification of Project of National Interest. The company will soon start the third phase of its implementation in Portugal, with the construction of the extraction unit.

With the motto “from the seed to the patient”, MediCane Portugal and its CEO Vera Broder Koshet, ensure total control of the value chain, combining agro-technologies with medicinal and pharmaceutical research and development, with a strong focus on Portugal, where it is committed strongly in increasing value added from an economic perspective, in its export/import balance, and always with an eye on the future.


Miguel Fagundes

Chief Technical Officer & QP at Botanical Holdings Plc.

Pharmacist and Qualified Person, has +10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry, with comprehensive expertise from drug product development to drug product manufacturing/validation.

Experienced mainly in Production, Tech Transfer & scale up and QA positions on the manufacturing of solid dosage forms, parenterals, dry powder inhalers, liquids and semi-solids products.

He has a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and he is a Pharmaceutical Industry Specialist acknowledged by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society. He also has a Management Postgraduation by Católica Lisbon & Economics School.

His expertise lies in successfully managing teams, processes and programmes contributing to continuous improvement and overall performance excellence as well as ensuring compliance with local and international regulations (i.e. EMA and FDA).

He joined Botanical Holdings in 2019 where is now the Chief Technical Officer & QP responsible for setting the standards in the implementation of Pharma requirements to provide cannabis based products with the right quality profile.


Rob Perry

Vice President Sales, GrowerIQ

Rob has over 15 years of leadership experience in a variety of operational roles.

After working with leading financial institutions in Canada and the US to develop their technological operations, Rob entered the burgeoning medical cannabis industry in Canada.

Working with a start up producer, Rob quickly realized the need for more effective technological solutions to meet the regulatory, informational, and operational challenges of cannabis producers and joined GrowerIQ. Since then, Rob has had the opportunity to work with cannabis producers in different jurisdictions, obtaining insight into some of the shared challenges that producers face globally in this dynamic space. Rob is a graduate of Queen’s University and has his Masters degree from the Schulich School of Business.

Cristina Toscano

Cristina Toscano

Regulatory Affairs Manager | QPPV | Pharmacist

Cristina Toscano is a Pharmacist graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lisbon University, with a Master in Advanced Technology. She’s a Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulatory Affairs Specialist acknowledged by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society.

Cristina started her professional experience at LEF and was involved in several areas such development and analytical validation methods, BPL studies, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance. Since 2005 she is Regulatory Affairs Manager | QPPV at Infosaúde, S.A. (LEF).

In addition, she collaborates in the Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science of IUEM, since 2009, in several units, namely in Pharmaceutical technology, Dermopharmacy and from 2016 as teacher of Regulatory Affairs Unit.

Carlos Lacava

Carlos Lacava

Coordinator National Medical Cannabis Programme | Ministry of Public Health | Pharmacist

In 1988 he graduated as a pharmacist from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of the Republic (Facultad de Química, Universidad de la República, UdelaR).

Since October 1989 he has been the Director of the Laboratory of the Government of San José. San José is one of the nineteen counties in which Uruguay is divided. This laboratory is a public health laboratory where clinical biology, public health and consumer protection activities are carried out.

As a pharmacist in such a position, Mr. Lacava manages a broad spectrum of matters, which has given him the opportunity to develop a solid professional and technical basis and take on leadership roles. The scope of activities of the laboratory includes the analysis and certification of drinking water, monitoring recreational water environments, investigating outbreaks of food borne illness as well as diagnosing communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Mr. Lacava has been trained in Japan (Monitoring water environment quality, 2006), China (Food security, 2012) and Israel (Water usage, 2013) through fellowships given by the governments of these countries.

In 2016 he graduated in Public Policies on Drugs of Abuse from the Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO).

In 2020 graduated with the Diploma in Drugs of Abuse Policies from the University of the Republic, to consolidate his expertise in social aspects of drug consumption and harm reduction policies.

Since June 2021 he is Coordinator of the National Medical Cannabis Programme of the Ministry of Public Health.

Mr. Lacava has been a member of the Executive Board of the Uruguayan Pharmacists Association (Asociación de Química y Farmacia del Uruguay, AQFU) since the beginning of his professional career. He has held several positions in the association, including President from 1994 to 1996.

Since 2018 he is Vice-president of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation).


Sara Figueiredo

Sara Figueiredo

Quality Control Supervisor at LEF

Sara Figueiredo has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon. She is currently developing a doctoral project in the scope of three-dimensional printing of medicines at FFUL, in collaboration with LEF – Infosaúde and Research Centre of Egas Moniz.

She started her professional activity as laboratory technician at Quality Control & Stability department in LEF – Infosaúde. Nowadays and since 2018 she is supervisor in the same department.

Additionally, she is author of scientific communications and publications in congresses and scientific journals. Her academic experience also includes the role of teacher in technical-scientific courses from 2016 to the present.